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Travel Insurance with Benefits Specific to Coronavirus

The current spread of Covid-19 has undoubtedly left many travellers with feelings of fear and uncertainty – that’s why we have added a new product to our range that offers cover specific to the coronavirus.

While it is imperative for the travel industry to monitor and adhere to the advice and guidelines from leading health organisations during this time, it is equally important for travel insurance to adapt and quickly change to meet the current needs of travellers.  

Standard travel insurance vs. Covid-19 travel insurance

As it stands, many of the standard travel insurance options available to travellers do not cover epidemics. In today’s situation, this may leave travellers without cover for cancelled flights, cancelled events or even required medical attention.

Our new travel insurance product is called Covid-19. It is underwritten by Hollard and offers a series of Covid-19 related cover in addition to our standard travel insurance policy. 

With Travelsafe, you can purchase a Covid-19 travel insurance policy directly from our website in a few simple clicks.

What does Covid-19 travel insurance cover

The product was developed in consultation with experts and offers additional cover that aims to give peace of mind to travellers in the midst of the outbreak. On top of our standard travel insurance, our new Covid-19 travel insurance also includes the following cover:
•    Cover to reimburse you for proactive Covid-19 testing – regardless of if there is a manifestation of symptoms or not
•    Cover for cancellations has been expanded to cover the following:
-    If a city listed in your itinerary has been isolated by state authorities due to the disease, there is cover for cancellation or curtailment
-    If your flight is cancelled, you may be reimbursed for the flights. Our policy will reimburse you for any non-refundable accommodation costs due to the cancelled flights 
-    If an event you have booked travel for has been cancelled, we will reimburse you for non-refundable flights and accommodation (Excludes the cost of your visa)
•    Cover for additional expenses incurred in the case of a flight delay due to a medical emergency on board, such as the purchase of food or accommodation
•    Cover for repatriation to South Africa in case you want to return to South Africa earlier than booked due to the threat of Covid-19 being reasonably present

If you have upcoming travel plans and you are concerned about it, the first step should be to consult relevant health organisations for accurate news, advice and information. If you would like to get peace of mind in terms of cover in the event of cancellations or Covid-19 specific situations, you can purchase your Covid-19 travel insurance here.

SureStart Team