Frequently asked questions

Important Notice

We would like to draw Your attention to important features of Your policy including: 

1. This is a legal contract between You and Us 

2. Terms and conditions are the rules You have to comply with in order for the policy to be valid – for example, that all jewellery must be kept locked away in a safe. 

3. You can only claim for items in which you have an insurable interest – i.e. items which, if lost or damaged, cause You to be worse off financially. Example: You cannot claim for the loss of items that don’t belong to You. 

4. Emergency Medical Expenses: This policy is NOT a Medical Aid, and does not provide cover for procedures that can be carried out in Your country of residence after repatriation. 

5. Adventure Sports & Activities: Your policy contains restrictions regarding the participation in sports. Please note that we do not provide cover for rescue costs relating to altitude sickness. 

6. Trip Limits: Trips must commence and end in South Africa and a return ticket must have been booked prior to departure. 

7. Depending on the Carrier used, You are entitled to claim compensation from Your Carrier if any of the following happen (contact Your Carrier to obtain details): 

a. Denied boarding, Cancelled flights, Long delays, Loss/Damage of Baggage and Baggage delay. 

8. Baggage loss/damage caused by the Carrier: You must report the loss immediately to the relevant Carrier. 

9. Third Party Liability: If You use any form of mechanically propelled vehicle, (e.g. car, motor cycle, or scooter), no liability cover will apply under this policy. 

10. Personal Possessions: While this policy provides cover for Your Personal Baggage, if You are planning to take expensive items such as sophisticated photographic equipment, jewellery and other Valuables with You then You should check that You have adequate all risk cover, under a home contents insurance policy. Please refer to the sub-limits of cover per item. 

11. We use an appointed emergency assistance provider: Europ Assistance S.A., they can be contacted on +27 11 991 8610 (South Africa). 

Your Responsibilities


1. Your duty of disclosure: You have a duty of disclosure to Us when it is relevant to Our decision whether to insure You, and, if We do, on what terms whenever You apply for, or change an insurance policy. 

2. Medical Emergency: Accident & emergency department (A&E), emergency room (ER) or casualty department ( Authorisation of Medical Expenses) 

3. You must declare all pre-existing medical conditions to Us prior to purchasing the policy, or when your health status has changed. 

4. Avoid fraudulent acts. All dealings concerning this policy must be done honestly and in good faith. If You are found to have engaged in fraudulent or dishonest behaviour, You will lose all rights to claims and premiums. Examples of fraudulent behaviours are: 

a) Providing false information (claim or risk profile) 

b) Making a claim that You know to be false, fraudulent or exaggerated 

c) Obstructing the outcome of a legal matter. 

5. No admission, statement, offer, promise, payment or indemnity may be made by You without Our prior consent in writing. 

6. You must give all information, documentation and assistance required by Us to obtain indemnity from other parties. 

7. Observe all terms and conditions, which are the rules You have to stick to in order for the policy to be valid. If You don’t it may result in Us refusing to pay You out for a claim. 

8. Communication of Material Changes: Any changes in Your circumstances must be communicated to Us in writing immediately and if possible before such changes occur to ensure continuous cover. Provided that the changes are acceptable to Us, they will be effective from the date agreed upon, subject to Our terms and conditions being complied with. We will confirm these changes by sending You an updated Schedule. 

Who qualifies for the Cover ?


1. We will provide the services and benefits described in this policy to persons who reside in South Africa (i.e. have their main home in South Africa and have not spent more than 6 months abroad in the year prior to purchasing the policy) 

2. Age Limits: 

a. Personal Accident: under 67 years 

b. Medical & Related Expenses (except as listed above): under 82 years. 

3. Family cover: Children accompanying You on an identical travel itinerary shall share in the cover with You at no additional cost. A maximum of five (5) Children can be covered free of charge, subject to You having legal custody of the Child, and the Child living at the same address as You. When additional premium is paid per Child, and the relevant policy issued by Us, the Child will be entitled to full benefits.  

4. To be covered, You must be healthy and fit to travel; 

5. The insurance will NOT cover You when You are travelling against the advice of a Medical Practitioner; 

6. The insurance will NOT cover You when You are travelling with the intention of obtaining medical treatment or consultation abroad; 

7. The insurance will NOT cover You if You have any undiagnosed symptoms that require attention or investigation in the future (that is symptoms for which You are awaiting investigations / consultations, or awaiting results of investigations, where the underlying cause has not been established); 

8. Pregnancy and Childbirth: Cover under this policy is provided for unexpected complications related to pregnancy which occur before the 26th week of pregnancy. Please refer to the Meaning of Words Section: “Complications of Pregnancy and Childbirth”, and each Section of cover to establish whether You are covered. 

9. It is important to note that the policy contains conditions and exclusions in relation to non-insured travelling companions or close relatives in the event of any need to cancel, or curtail a Trip as a result of changes in their health. 

10. Health: Your policy contains restrictions regarding Pre-existing Medical Conditions. Refer to Important Health Information for more information. 

When will I receive my Travel Insurance policy documents?

  • Travel Insurance policy documents will be sent immediately to you once your have acquired it online to the email address provided by you
  • Kindly ensure that you read all your Policy documents when you received them

I have a pre-existing medical condition, am I covered?

Definition of a Pre-Existing Medical Condition

1. Any part or current Medical Condition that has given rise to symptoms or for which any form of treatment or prescribed medication, medical consultation ,investigation or follow-up/check-up has been required or received during 6 months priors to the commencement of cover under this policy and/or prior to the commencement of cover under this policy and/or prior to any Trip : and

2. Any cardiovascular or circulatory condition (e.g. heart condition,hypertension,blood clots,raised cholesterol,stroke,aneurysm) that has occurred at any time prior to the commencement of cover under this policy and/or prior to any Trip.

Click here for detailed information about pre-existing medical conditions cover

Once you have downloaded and completed the Medical Declaration form, please submit it to , we will submit it to the Insurer for review and within 24 hours revert back to you on the outcome of your travel insurance policy

What are the restrictions around pregnancies


The following restrictions apply to pregnancies:

Cover is only provided for unexpected serious complication of pregnancy which occur during or before the 25th week 

No cover for childbirth or the health of the newborn

What am I covered for on the travel policy ?

Kindly click the link below and view our policy plans and what you are covered for on each of them . Kindly be advised that the business plan and the group pricing are not available to purchase. 

Travelsafe brochure Hollard Travel Brochure 2019

Which destination do I enter?

If you are travelling to multiple countries in one journey then you should enter the name of the country you will spend most of the time in. You could also enter your first destination of the trip. Our Travel Insurance covers multi-destination trips. This means that you are covered for the period specified and not the country specifically. 

List of all Schengen Countries 2020

 One of the requirements for acquiring your VISA is that you will need a minimum of EUR 30,000 of Travel health insurance.

  • Austria
  • Belguim
  • Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • Estonia
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Hungry
  • Iceland
  • Italy
  • Lativa
  • Liechtenstein
  • Lithuania
  • Luxembourg
  • Malta
  • Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Slovakia
  • Slovenia
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland

How do I claim for a travel delay when my flight was delayed?

Travel delay provides cover for meals, drinks and accommodation during the delay of a flight. Only delays due to strike, industrial action, severe weather conditions, failure of air traffic control systems, or mechanical breakdown are covered. Delays due to operational reasons of the airline are not covered. You must get a letter from the airline providing the duration of the delay, the reason for it and proof of your expenses when you submit a claim.

How do I claim for a baggage delay?

Once you find that your baggage has not arrived, report it immediately to the airline. Baggage delay covers you for essential items you need to buy during the delay of your baggage by an airline. You need to get a letter from the airline confirming the duration of the delay and any compensation paid to you. Once you have this, submit your claim to Hollard along with the proof of payment of your essential items.

What do I do if I fall ill and need to visit a doctor or I have a medical emergency?

Call Europ Assistance immediately on +27 11 991 8610, they are Hollard’s emergency assistance company. They will assist with doctors’ appointments and if you need to be hospitalised for a covered event, they will provide a guarantee of payment to the hospital. All medical expenses over R10,000 must be authorised, and if not, Hollard may limit their liability of a claim to R10,000.

Do airlines have to compensate when they have caused a travel delay, baggage delay, or baggage loss or damage?

All airlines have some sort of compensation policy when they have caused a loss to a passenger as per their conditions of carriage, baggage policies and delay policies. Your travel ticket purchased from the airline is your contract with the airline. You must lodge your claim with an airline first when they have caused a loss and then once you have received confirmation in writing from them on their compensation to you, you can lodge your claim with Hollard.

The travel insurance policy is secondary to the responsibility that airlines have in assisting their passenger due to their conditions of carriage and policies they have in place.

What do I do if my bag was delayed and then I find items missing when I receive my bag?

Immediately lodge a claim with the airline. Once your claim with the airline has been finalised you can submit a claim to Hollard along with documentation from the airline confirming compensation to you.

Claims are to be submitted online and we do not provide claim forms 

All claims are submitted via

For further assitance required , please contact Hollard call center on 0861 455 738 or email

What do I do if I receive my bags in the baggage hall and notice my bag is damaged or that items have been stolen from my bag?

Always check your baggage before you leave the baggage hall and report any damage or loss to the airline before you leave the airport. If you don’t, they may not assist you as they have deadlines in which losses need to be reported. The travel insurance policy is secondary to the airline’s responsibility and covers the balance of what the airline does not cover. If you don’t report the loss to the airline, the travel insurance policy will not cover the loss either.

What is covered for Car Hire Excess ?

We will pay the excess that you become liable for on the car hire insurance on your rental agreement, up to the limit shown in the Certificate due to the following Insured events :

a) Accidental damage to the Hired Car (Collision Damage Waiver must be in place) 

b) Theft or Hijack of the Hired Car (Theft Protection Waiver must be in place) 

c) Damage due to attempted theft or hijack (Theft protection and Collision Damage Waivers must be in place)  

d) Theft of accessories of Hired Car (e.g. radio) (Theft Protection Waiver must be in place) 

e) Claim handling fee 

f)  Assessor’s fee 

g) Towing fee related to accident 

What is not covered in Car Hire Excess ?

a) Any claim where You have not followed the terms of Your rental agreement.

b) Any claim where You did not use a bank card for payment (cannot provide a copy of your bank statement to reflect the payment from Your account).

c) Any claim where the applicable waiver is not in place on the Rental Agreement.

d) Where the theft or Accidental damage occurred in a private place or area such as a parking lot or parking garage.

e) Windscreen and tyre damage , unless these are covered under the Collision Damage Waiver under the Rental Agreement and the amount paid to the Rental Company is an excess amount.

f) Anything mentioned in the General Exclusions

What is the requirements when claiming against Car Hire Excess?


All claims must be accompanied by: 

i. Rental Agreement 

ii. Proof of the insured event 

iii. Police report 

iv. Proof of payment of the excess (copy of bank statement) 

Can I view the Policy Terms and Conditions prior to purchasing Insurance?

Yes, you can view the Policy Terms and Conditions prior to purchasing your selected Travel Insurance:

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