Frequently asked questions about the Travelsafe products

Why do I need travel insurance?

  • You leave behind everything that is familiar - your home, parents, loved ones and doctors. One call to Europ Assistance will keep you covered 24 hours a day, worldwide, for those unforeseen situations.
  • Will you be able to pay for those unforeseen medical expenses, flight delays, theft of luggage, baggage delays, etc? If you can’t afford travel insurance, can you really afford to travel?

Am I covered for pre-existing conditions?

  • Yes, if you are under the age of 70 years. However, cover is only provided for hospitalisation for more than 48 hours and you are not travelling against the advice of a doctor. There is no cover for doctors’ visits and for medicine. If you are taking medication for a pre-existing medical condition, ensure that you take enough medicine with you to last the duration of your journey.

What must I do in the event of a claim?

  • Europ Assistance South Africa is our claims assistance partner and manages claims on our behalf. If you have a medical emergency while you are on your journey, call Europ Assistance on +27 11 991 8419 immediately and they will assist you.
  • Non-medical or non-emergency claims can be submitted upon your return back to South Africa. Contact Europ Assistance on +21 11 991 8419 or e-mail them at .  A claim form will be sent to you, which must be completed and submitted back to this email address along with all supporting documents.
  • A claim must be submitted to us within 60 days of your return back to South Africa.

Can I extend my policy whilst I am overseas?

  • Yes, provided you had no claims and the policy did not expire, the policy will be extended.

When should I purchase my travel insurance?

  • When you purchase your airline ticket, you must purchase your travel insurance. Cancellation cover is effective from the date of purchase.
  • Travel Insurance must be purchase prior to departure. Any policies purchased after departure will not be eligible for claims.

Can children share cover?

  • Children accompanying their parents on an identical travel itinerary share cover benefits at no additional cost. A maximum of 5 children can be covered when the benefits are shared. Shared cover means each parent will have the full limit of liability as defined in your schedule of benefits and Children share this liability with the parents. Shared cover is subject to having legal custody of the child, the child being registered at the same address as the parent, being fully dependent on you and is under the age of 21. Children will be entitled to full benefits, if an individual policy is purchased for the Child.

I have left country, can I purchase whilst abroad?

  • No, you cannot purchase travel insurance if you have already departed from the country.

I'm going on a snowboarding adventure holiday. Should I take out special travel insurance for this?

  • It’s critical to check the benefits provided by your travel insurance policy. You need to ensure your policy includes cover for adventure activities but this cover does not include every type of sport. Please contact the Regent Travel Call Centre on 0861 900 801 for all the details.

If my car breaks down when I am in the bush, will my travel insurance cover this?

  • No. Travel insurance only covers loss or damage to luggage and personal belongings carried with you on a journey. A motor vehicle is not a luggage item or “personal belonging”.

I'm going hiking in a remote area. Do I need special insurance in case I fall and need to be airlifted to receive medical treatment?

  • Regent’s travel insurance policies include hiking, but not in every instance. You must be on a marked route and should not require any type of equipment. Please contact the Regent Travel Call Centre on 0861 900 801 for all the details.

I'm renting a car overseas – do I need to take out insurance with the rental company?

  • Most of our travel insurance policies will not cover a rented vehicle for loss or damages. You need to arrange this cover with the car rental company directly.

If I leave my laptop in my luggage and it’s stolen, will my travel insurance cover this?

  • Our policies do not cover loss or damage to a laptop or camera when stored in your luggage, because of the high risk.  A laptop or camera must be kept on your person at all times to ensure safety from damage and loss.

If the vehicle is rented by another party, am i covered if i have purchased the Car Hire Excess Insurance under my name?

  • Yes, car hire excess should be taken up by the regular driver of the car despite who has arranged the rental of the car. 

When do i receive my policy documents?

  • Upon completion of your purchase. All policy documents will be sent to the email address provided by you. Kindly ensure that you read these documents once you have received them. 

Schengen Countries

Below is a list of the 26 Schengen states. One of the requirements for acquiring your VISA is that you will need a minimum of EUR 30,000 of Travel health insurance.

  • Austria,
  • Belgium,
  • Czech Republic,
  • Denmark,  
  • Estonia,  
  • Finland,  
  • France,  
  • Germany, 
  • Greece, 
  • Hungary, 
  • Iceland, 
  • Italy,
  • Latvia,
  • Liechtenstein, 
  • Lithuania, 
  • Luxembourg,
  • Malta, 
  • Netherlands, 
  • Norway, 
  • Poland, 
  • Portugal, 
  • Slovakia, 
  • Slovenia, 
  • Spain, 
  • Sweden, and Switzerland.

Which destination do i enter?

  • If you are travelling to multiple destinations/countries in one journey, you may enter the names of all  destinations/countries you will be travelling to. To do this, one needs to enter a portion of the destination/country name and select it from the dropdown menu that pops up. Our travel insurance covers multi-destination trips. This means that you are covered for the period specified and not the country specifically. 

Social Media Liability Insurance

What is social liability insurance?   

  •  This is a legal insurance policy that protects you as the insured (and your family) against allegations that content you have posted on social media has damaged someone's reputation or that you've somehow invaded their privacy through the suse of any internationally recognized social media platform. 

What social media platforms am I covered for? 

  •  Any internationally recognized social media platform eg Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Whatsapp etc. 

What is NOT covered?

This Policy will not cover you for your legal liability arising out of or relating to –

  • Acts of defamation or invasion of privacy committed in the course and scope of your employment, business, trade or profession.    
  • Any fine or penalty or multiple, punitive or exemplary damages.    
  • Any acts of defamation or invasion of privacy with religious, cultural, political or racist connotations.    
  • Your or your child’s reckless disregard of the possible consequences of your or your child’s acts or omissions or of the acts or omissions of others for whom you are responsible, including your or your child’s refusal to remove or delete any possibly defamatory content despite being requested to do so.    
  • Any act(s) of defamation or invasion of privacy and any situations giving rise to such acts that occurred or arose prior to the inception date of this insurance policy.    
  • Allegations of defamation or invasion of privacy made against you by any member of your direct family (i.e. mother, father, siblings, spouse, ex-spouse etc).    
  • War, invasion, acts of foreign enemies, hostilities or warlike operations (whether war be declared or not), civil war, mutiny, military rising, military or usurped power, martial law, state of siege or any other similar event.    
  • Any act of terrorism, which shall mean any act, including but not limited to the use of force or violence and/or the threat thereof, of any person or group(s) of persons, committed for political, religious, ideological or similar purposes including the intention to influence any government and/or to put the public, or any section of the public, in fear.    
  • A deliberate, wilful or intentional act committed by you or with your involvement or by anyone acting on your behalf with the intention of creating a fraudulent or fictitious claim under this policy.
  • Situations where a claim or information or documentation relating to a claim is fraudulent or fictitious or false.  
  • Damage (including detrimental change) and any consequence therefrom to any Data howsoever caused.  Data means any information, facts or program stored as or on, created or used on, or transmitted to or from computer software or any other device.
  • Allegations pertaining to the circulation of explicit or pornographic material pertaining to minors

What is the minimum entry age for this insurance?

  •  Only persons above the age of 18 can legally buy insurance in South Africa but cover is automatically included for the children of any insured person. 

When does my cover start?

  • You are covered from the day of inception for a 12 month period.

Do I pay a monthly premium to be covered?   

  • No. Payment will be a once-off payment of the annual amount thus covering you for a period of 12 months.

What is immediate family?

  • This includes your spouse and children that are dependant on you and live under the same roof.

What is a hired car?

Hired Car means the motor vehicle owned by a registered rental company or agency, which you have agreed to hire from them according to the terms of your rental agreement.

The vehicle must:

  •  be no more than 10 years old;
  •  have no more than 9 seats;
  •  not be driven off a Public Road;
  •  not be a motor home, campervan, commercial vehicle, minibus, motorcycle or moped;
  •  have a retail purchase price of less than ZAR1,000,000.

If i am renting a vehicle overseas. Which dates do i enter for the Car Hire Excess Insurance?

The date of collection of the hired vehicle , and the date returning the hired vehicle. This serves as the departure and return dates for the car hire excess product when purchasing on the website. 

Who are all covered under the Car Hire Excess cover?

Persons covered under this policy are the nominated driver(s) of the hired car , as well as any passengers of the car.

If i borrow a car from a friend overseas, can i purchase the Car Hire Excess Insurance for the period I'll be using it?

No, this coverage is only for a hired vehicle at a car rental company.