Frequently asked questions about the Travelsafe products

If I leave my laptop in my luggage and it’s stolen, will my travel insurance cover this?

  • Our policies do not cover loss or damage to a laptop or camera when stored in your luggage, because of the high risk.  A laptop or camera must be kept on your person at all times to ensure safety from damage and loss.

If the vehicle is rented by another party, am I covered if I have purchased the Car Hire Excess Insurance under my name?

  • Yes, car hire excess should be taken up by the regular driver of the car despite who has arranged the rental of the car. 

When do I receive my policy documents?

  • Upon completion of your purchase. All policy documents will be sent to the email address provided by you. Kindly ensure that you read these documents once you have received them. 

Schengen Countries

Below is a list of the 26 Schengen states. One of the requirements for acquiring your VISA is that you will need a minimum of EUR 30,000 of Travel health insurance.

  • Austria,
  • Belgium,
  • Czech Republic,
  • Denmark,  
  • Estonia,  
  • Finland,  
  • France,  
  • Germany, 
  • Greece, 
  • Hungary, 
  • Iceland, 
  • Italy,
  • Latvia,
  • Liechtenstein, 
  • Lithuania, 
  • Luxembourg,
  • Malta, 
  • Netherlands, 
  • Norway, 
  • Poland, 
  • Portugal, 
  • Slovakia, 
  • Slovenia, 
  • Spain, 
  • Sweden, and Switzerland.

Which destination do I enter?

  • If you are travelling to multiple destinations/countries in one journey, you may enter the names of all  destinations/countries you will be travelling to. To do this, one needs to enter a portion of the destination/country name and select it from the dropdown menu that pops up. Our travel insurance covers multi-destination trips. This means that you are covered for the period specified and not the country specifically. 

Will I be covered if I only have a one-way travel ticket booked for my journey?

No, this policy will only cover you if you purchase a return ticket that matches your departure and return dates. 

What is a hired car?

Hired Car means the motor vehicle owned by a registered rental company or agency, which you have agreed to hire from them according to the terms of your rental agreement.

The vehicle must:

  •  be no more than 10 years old;
  •  have no more than 9 seats;
  •  not be driven off a Public Road;
  •  not be a motor home, campervan, commercial vehicle, minibus, motorcycle or moped;
  •  have a retail purchase price of less than ZAR1,000,000.

If I am renting a vehicle overseas. Which dates do I enter for the Car Hire Excess Insurance?

The date of collection of the hired vehicle , and the date returning the hired vehicle. This serves as the departure and return dates for the car hire excess product when purchasing on the website. 

Who are all covered under the Car Hire Excess cover?

Persons covered under this policy are the nominated driver(s) of the hired car , as well as any passengers of the car.

If I borrow a car from a friend overseas, can I purchase the Car Hire Excess Insurance for the period I'll be using it?

No, this coverage is only for a hired vehicle at a car rental company.


The following words or terms shall have the meaning given hereunder: 

Accident means a sudden, unexpected, specific external motor vehicle accident which occurs on a public road at an identifiable time and place during the period of insurance. 

Hired Car means the motor vehicle owned by a registered rental company or agency, which you have agreed to hire from them according to the terms of your rental agreement. The vehicle must: 

  •  be no more than 10 years old; 
  • have no more than 9 seats; 
  •  not be driven off a Public Road; 
  • not be a motor home, campervan, commercial vehicle, minibus, motorcycle or moped; 
  •  have a retail purchase price of less than ZAR1,000,000. 

Insured person means the nominated driver(s) of the Hired Car as well as any passengers of the Car. 

Insurer means Regent Insurance Company Limited. 

Period of insurance means the period for which this policy is purchased and is the period starting from collection of the Hired Car and ending on return of the Hired Car, as per the rental agreement. 

Rental period means the dates you have arranged to hire the Hired Car, as confirmed in your rental agreement. 

RSA means the Republic of South Africa. 

We, our, us means Regent Insurance Company Limited. 

You, your, person insured means each person shown on the Policy Schedule who is authorised to drive the Hired Car and for whom the appropriate insurance premium has been paid. 

How to Claim on your Car Hire Excess Insurance


Claims must be submitted within 60 days of the event. To claim, please contact Europ Assistance at or +27 11 991 8419 for a claim form which must be completed and submitted with all required supporting documents. 

Below is more information on what documentation and information we require when you submit a claim to us: 

  •  A copy of your rental agreement. 
  • Proof that:  you have paid an excess to the car rental company; or a reserved security deposit has been deducted from your credit card by the car rental company for payment of an excess
  •  Details of any other insurance you may have that may cover the same loss. 
  • As much evidence as possible to support your claim. 
  • A copy of driving licence of the person driving the Hired Car at the time of the accident. 
  • Detailed account of the circumstances surrounding the event, including photographs and video evidence (if this applies). 
  • Full details of any witnesses, providing written statements where available. 
  •  Detailed account of the circumstances that led to the accident / damage to the Hired Car, including where appropriate a written police report. 

General Conditions

The following conditions apply to all the sections of the policy

1) Driver or passenger 

This Policy is available to RSA residents travelling abroad and locally and non-RSA residents travelling within RSA. 

2) Rental Period 

a) This policy only covers rental periods of less than 62 days. 

b) The rental period must fall within the departure and return dates of your policy schedule. 

3) An Excess payable 

In order to claim under this policy there must have been an excess payable due to the defined events recognised in under the applicable Section in this policy. 

4) Age limits 

a) Aged 21 to 80. 

b) If you are 20 when buying the product, but 21 at the start of the period of insurance, then you will be covered. 

c) If you are 80 when buying the product, but turn 81 at any time during the period of insurance, then you will not be covered. 

5) Cancellation 

a) The Policyholder may cancel this policy giving Regent 60 days’ written notice. 

b) This Policy may be cancelled by Regent giving 60 days written notice to the Policyholder. 

6) Currency 

If expenses are incurred in a foreign currency, then the rate of exchange used to calculate the amount payable will be the rate at the due date of settlement. In all cases the monetary limits shown in the policy are in South African Rand. 


This Policy may be extended, or changed provided there is no claim pending. 

8) Fraud, Dishonesty and Misrepresentation 

If you or anyone acting on your behalf submits a claim, or any information or documentation relating to any claim that is in any way fraudulent dishonest, exaggerated or withheld, we will reject your claim and your policy will be cancelled. 

9) Jurisdiction 

The laws of the RSA govern this policy and any dispute or action in connection therewith will be conducted and determined in RSA. 

10) Liability 

We shall not be liable for the negligence, wrongful acts and/or omissions of any legal and/or health care professional or any other person/s or legal entity that has provided direct or indirect service to you. 

11) Marketing material 

Should any discrepancies arise between the policy and any marketing material or information received by the insured person the terms, conditions, endorsements and exclusions in the policy will take precedence in all cases. 

12) Maximum amount payable 

a) You will not be entitled to receive more than the limit of liability as shown in the schedule of benefits.

b) If you have two or more policies underwritten by Regent Insurance Company, the maximum amount payable will not exceed the limit of liability of whichever policy has the highest limit of liability. 

13) Other Insurances 

If there are other insurances covering any of the sections of this policy, we will only pay our rateable proportion of any loss or damage. 

14) Protection 

You must take reasonable care to protect the Hired Car and your property against accident, injury, loss and damage to minimise any potential claim. 

15) Premium Payments 

You are liable for the premium. 


16) Rejection of Claim and Time Bar 

a) You have to provide proof of any loss that you claim for. 

b) If your claim has been rejected or the amount disputed, you have 90 days after receiving our rejection letter to make representations to us regarding our decision. 

c) You have a further 6 months to institute legal action against us after the expiry of the 90 days referred to above. 

d) If you do not serve summons on us within this period, you will forfeit the right to challenge our rejection. 


17) Subrogation 

We reserve the right to commence or take over legal proceedings in your name to defend or settle any claim or to sue any party to recover monies payable by them. 

18) Termination 

Cover will terminate on the earliest of the following dates: 

a) the date the policy is cancelled; or 

b) the date you return the Hired Car; or 

c) the date you reach the maximum age limit for the cover selected. 




What is not covered under Car Hire Excess Insurance

This policy does not cover any claim arising directly or indirectly from: 

a) any criminal or intentional illegal or malicious act committed by you; 

b) your wilful or deliberate exposure to danger, except in an attempt to save human life; 

c) being under the influence of alcohol or drugs unless the drugs have been prescribed by a medical practitioner; 

d) telephone or transport costs in connection with any claim; 

e) Any loss or damage occasioned by or through or in consequence directly or indirectly of War, invasion, act of foreign enemy, hostilities or war-like operations (whether war be declared or not), civil war, civil commotion, mutiny, military or popular rising, insurrection, rebellion, revolution, military or usurped power; 

f) nuclear substances - nuclear material, nuclear fission or fusion, nuclear radiation, nuclear waste from the use of nuclear fuels or nuclear explosives or any nuclear weapon; 

g) the dispersal or application of pathogenic or poisonous biological or chemical materials; 

h) suicide or attempted suicide, intentional self-inflicted Injury, mental disturbance or disorders, insanity, psychiatric, psychological, emotional or nervous conditions; 

i) any currency exchange rate changes; 

j) any loss caused as a direct or indirect result of anything you are claiming for, for example loss of earnings, unless it says differently in the policy. 

If the insurer alleges that, by reason of this exception, loss, damage or liability is not covered by this policy, the burden of proving the contrary shall rest upon you. 

Car Hire Excess Reimbursement Benefit


We will pay the excess that you become liable for on the car hire insurance on your rental agreement, up to the limit shown in the schedule of benefits. 

This excess can be for any of the following incidents: 

a) Accidental damage to the Hired Car 

b) Theft or Hijack of the Hired Car 

c) Damage due to attempted theft or hijack 

d) Windscreen damage 

e) Tyre damage 

f) Theft of accessories of Hired Car (e.g. radio) 

g) Claim handling fee 

h) Assessor’s fee 

i) Towing fee related to accident 


Any claim where you have not followed the terms of your rental agreement. 


The Schedule of Benefits outlining the cover provide and the limit of liability is below 

Schedule Benefits Limit of Liability
Age Limit 21-80 years, inclusive
Territorial Limits Worldwide , excluding RSA (for RSA residents)
Maximum period of cover 62 days

Section 1: Accidental Damage to the hired vehicle

Damage due attempted theft or hijack

Windscreen damage

Tyre damage

Theft of accessories of vehicles (

The limit reflected on your policy schedule to a maximum of R45,000


Consent to Disclosure of Information

The sharing of claims and underwriting information (including credit information) by Insurers is essential to enable us to underwrite policies, assess risks fairly and reduce the incidence of fraudulent claims. In the public interest and with a view to limiting premiums, you consent to any insurance or claims information being disclosed to us, any other insurance company or its agent by you or any person representing you. 

The South African Insurance Association (SAIA) has created a shared database for storing insurance information of policyholders. We will store your information in the shared database to verify any underwriting information against legally recognised sources or databases. 

Fighting insurance fraud will benefit you, because fraud affects the short-term insurance industry. It affects the evaluation and determination of risks by insurers, and it affects you directly as it leads to higher premiums. 

Your right to privacy 

Your right to privacy is a fundamental element that must be taken into consideration however it is restricted to the certain limits. These limits include cases where the parties have a legal interest in that information. In terms of South African law, we may disclose and/or receive information if we intend using it to prevent fraud and to underwrite risk fairly. 

Your authorisation to us 

a) You acknowledge that the sharing of information for underwriting and claims purposes is in the public interest, as it will enable insurers to underwrite policies and assess risks fairly and to reduce the incidence of fraudulent claims. This will contribute to keep premiums as low as possible. 

b) You consent to such information being stored in the shared database and used as set out above. 

c) You consent to such information being given to any insurer or its agent. 

d) You consent to any underwriting information being verified against and shared with legally recognised sources or databases. 

FAIS disclosure notice



1.  Regent Insurance Company Limited – FSP25511 

146 Boeing Road East PO Box 674 Telephone: 0860 734 368 

Elma Park Edenvale Fax: (011) 574 2928 

Edenvale 1610 Website address: 


Regent Insurance is a public company, a registered short-term insurer and an authorised financial services provider for personal and commercial lines business. Regent holds Professional Indemnity and Fidelity insurance underwritten by Etana Insurance Company. 

As the product supplier, Regent has an agreement with the Intermediary (Broker) that sold this product to you. The Intermediary has the obligation to furnish you with the following information: 

1.1 His full business and trade names, registration number, postal and physical addresses, telephone numbers and email address; 

1.2 The fact that he has been given a mandate to act on behalf of Regent; 

1.3 Whether the Intermediary (Broker) directly or indirectly holds more than 10% of Regent’s shares; 

1.4 Whether the Intermediary (Broker) received more than 30% of his income from Regent in the last 12 months; 

1.5 Whether the Intermediary (Broker) holds guarantees, or professional indemnity or fidelity insurance.


2. Claims Procedures 

In order to claim, contact +27 (0) 11 991 8419. Regent must be notified within 60 days of the claim event. If you are not satisfied with the outcome of your claim, you may write to the Complaints Department of Regent at any of the addresses above within 90 days of the claims decision. If you are still not satisfied, you have an additional 6 months after expiry of the 90 days to institute legal action against Regent. You also have recourse to the Ombudsman for Short-Term Insurance at PO Box 32334, Braamfontein, 2017. 


3. Complaints Procedures 

If you have a complaint about this policy, you can submit a complaint in writing to the Regent Complaints Department at any of the addresses above, or on Telephone: 0861 268 378, Fax: (011) 574 2957 and e-mail: 

If the matter is not resolved to your satisfaction by Regent, you may submit your complaint in writing to the Ombudsman for Short-term Insurance at PO Box 32334, Braamfontein, 2017. He may also be contacted on Telephone: 0860 OMBUDS (0860 726 890) or (011) 726 8900 Fax: (011) 726 5501 and e-mail: 

3.2 FAIS Ombud 

If you have a problem with the way the product was sold to you, the disclosures that were made to you or the advice that was given to you by the Intermediary (Broker), you must contact the Intermediary. If you are not satisfied with the reply, you may submit your complaint in writing to the FAIS Ombud at PO Box 74571, Lynwood Ridge, 0040. He may also be contacted on Telephone: 0860 OMBUDS (0860 662 837), Fax: (012) 348 3447 and e-mail: 

3.3 Compliance Officer 

The compliance officer of Regent may be contacted at any of the contact addresses of Regent mentioned above. In addition the compliance officer can be contacted by e-mail at 

4. Important Matters 

It is very important that you are quite sure that the policy meets your needs and that you feel that you have all the information you need to make a decision. Feel free to make notes regarding verbal information and ask for written confirmation or copies of documents. Disclose all material facts accurately, fully and properly. All information provided by you or on your behalf is your own responsibility. You need to be satisfied with the accuracy of any transaction submitted by anyone on your behalf. Do not sign any incomplete or blank documents. No person may insist that you do so. Nobody may ask or require you to waive a right that you have as a policyholder. 

If I am a non- South African resident will I be covered if take out Car Hire Excess

Yes , you will be covered only if you are travelling with the Hired car in South Africa