Claim Notification & Conditions of cover

Claims are to be submitted online and we do not provide claim forms 

All claims are submitted via

For further assitance required , please contact Hollard call center on 0861 455 738 or email

1. You must declare all pre-existing conditions to us before you purchase the policy

2. Medical: A medical claim in excess of R10,000 is payable only if we approved the cost (prior to incurring the cost)

3. Reimbursement of expenses: You must notify us within 30 days and provide receipts

4. Checked-in baggage: Report the loss/damage to the carrier BEFORE you leae the baggage area

5. Personal baggage not checked-in: You must provide written proof rom the police that the incident was reported within 24 hours of the loss

6. Damage: You may not abandon any property until the claim has been approved by us

7. You shall submit to a medical examination at Your expense, should we so require

8. Delay and missed connection: Obtain a report from the arrier/cruise ship confirming reason,length of delay and compensation paid

9. We are not liable for any claim after 365 days from the date of loss

10. Cancellation/Curtailment: You must cancel with the provider immediately

11. Claims relating to illness: Require 6 months medical history (prior to date of loss)

12. Don't check valuables/money into your baggage. Lock in a safe when not on your person

13. Illness/injury: Obtain letter from the doctor providing a diagnosis, and date of 1st treatment

Claim Time Limits you must adhere to 


a) You MUST contact Us before incurring expenses in excess of R10,000. If You are physically prevented from contacting Us immediately, You or someone designated by You must contact Us within 24 hours. If You don’t contact us for authorisation, We may provide no cover or reduce the amount We pay. 

b) Notice of death must be given immediately to Us. 

c) Baggage loss/damage caused by the Carrier: You must report the loss immediately to the relevant Carrier, before leaving the baggage area. 

2. 24 Hours: 

a) You must purchase Your policy within 24 hours of the date of Your initial deposit for Your Trip to qualify for the Cancel for Any Reason benefit. 

3. 48 Hours: 

a) Inform the police immediately, but not later than 48 hours after theft/mugging/event, and take all reasonable steps to recover any stolen property. 

b) Pre-existing cover is valid for expenses incurred where You are hospitalised for more than 48 hours. 

c) You must cancel Your Trip 48 hours or more before Your scheduled Trip departure date to qualify for Cancel for Any Reason benefit. 

4. 30 Days: 

Send Us the following within 30 days: 

5. 90 Days: 

If We formally reject Your claim, You have 90 days to appeal this decision with Us. 

6. 180 days:

If We maintain our rejection, You have a further 180 days to start any legal action against Us. 

7. 365 days: 

If You go beyond any of these time limits, Your right to payment of the claim will lapse. 

What to do if your claim is rejected 

If We reject or dispute Your claim, You have the right to appeal the decision. Send your complaint in writing to: 

The Hollard Insurance Company Limited 

PO Box 87419 

Hollard Select Brokers and Underwriting Managers 

PO Box 87419 



Tel: 011 351 5000 

Fax: 011 351 8012 


You may also contact the Ombudsman, an independent body that investigates insurance complaints from consumers: 

Ombudsman for Short-Term Insurance 

PO Box 32334 



Tel: 0860 662 837 

Fax: 011 726 5501